About Us

Rebuilding neighborhoods, one home at a time

E.M.J.B Preferred Properties, LLC is a family owned business and whose founders have been helping to build strong family and neighborhoods across Florida for over 20 years. 

From Florida to Georgia we have purchased and rehabbed many homes. As a small company we can make decisions quickly on our acquisitions. We can in most cases close a transaction in as little as 15 days. There is never a closing cost to the seller. 

At E.M.J.B Preferred Properties, LLC we are part of a larger community of humanity, so when we work in a neighborhood, we are a part of that neighborhood.  We not only rehab the houses but improve the neighborhoods as well.  



Ezra Waters started investing in real estate in 1984 with his first rehabilitation project in Queens, New York. He continued to renovate homes throughout a successful IT career before turning to real estate full time in 2017. Ezra has purchased properties in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Texas. Ezra owned and operated Mendon Industries LLC, a debris removal company in SW Florida, where he hauled debris for some on the US largest home builders such as US Homes, Lennar, Ryland and some small builders in southwest Florida. His contract included debris removal from communities starting from Sarasota FL to Naples FL in Southwest Florida. 

 That company was dissolved in 2008 after the housing melt down, but the knowledge stayed with him and lead to his next venture in the housing industry. Ezra and his family moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2011 and founded EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC in 2017. Overseeing EMJB Preferred Properties acquisitions, Ezra has built the company on one powerful but core value: EMJB Preferred Properties is not simply a real estate company, it is a company that invests in neighborhoods and families. He works with local governments and businesses to bring stability to areas that are suffering the effects of neglect and abandonment.  When not pursuing the next venture, Ezra enjoys traveling and spending time with his grandchildren. Ezra earned a AAS degree in Computer Science from Monroe Collage, Bronx, NY and he also earned a BA in Organizational Management from Eastern University, Saint Davids, PA.

Vice President

After fifteen years working in long-term care and the not-for-profit sector, Rose joined EMJB in 2018 to oversee the marketing and operations of the rental management division of the business. Her mandate is to ensure that EMJB’s rental process is efficient and streamlined, for tenants and new homeowners.   In a previous chapter of her career, Rose was a managing member at Mendon Industries, a debris removal company in southwest Florida.

She was instrumental in acquiring more than $9.3 million dollars in contracts for the company and as Director of Operations was responsible for managing the staff, overseeing capital acquisitions, negotiating with numerous third-party vendors.  Rose is mission driven, but also enjoys planning travel adventures and spending time with family. Rose earned a BS in Human Health Services from Phoenix University, Florida.

Michael Walters is a member of the advisory board with over 13 years of experience in real estate, including four years in residential rental property management. In this position, he advises on the acquisition and disposition of properties. Additionally, he actively supports the company in achieving its mission by providing inputs and help to identify new opportunities.  Michael earned a Bachelor of Science from Bellevue University and currently pursuing his master’s in business administration from Purdue University.

Our Advisory Board

Jonathan Walters is an advisory board member with four years of real estate experience. He currently manages rental properties in the Jacksonville area. His role is to provide support and guidance to the executive members. Jonathan is currently attending Florida State College, where he is majoring in business.

Bryan Walters is currently pursuing a degree at Miami-Dade College.


E.M.J.B. Preferred Properties, LLC is a company that is not only striving to be a profitable real estate investment company but is seeking to be a differential in the space of housing in low to moderate income communities. Identifying opportunity to offer affordable rentals and to offer opportunity for homeownership, thereby building strong neighborhoods, strong families. Decreasing blite and homelessness.